I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll

ineedmonsterReview of I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll

I was killing some time in the bookstore today and was swayed by the title to pick-up this book. Yes, I happily admit, I enjoy looking at the new children’s picture books, some are delightful little finds.

I Need My Monster did not disappoint, I found myself chuckling as I stood reading the entire book. The story opens showing us a picture of Ethan’s room (you only know the boy’s name from the sign in his room), he is lying across his bed and picking up a scrap of paper. The paper says

Gone fishing.
Back in a week.
– Gabe

Ethan is devastated, how is he ever going to fall asleep without his monster hiding under the bed? Desperate for a monster he tries knocking on the floor to see if another monster appears. To his amazement another appears, but he finds fault with this monster and goes through a series of monsters that just do not live up to his expectations.

Title: I Need My Monster
Author: Amanda Noll
Publisher: Flashlight Press (2009)
Source: Bookstore
Format Read: Hardcover: ISBN 978-0979974625
Genres/Subjects: Fiction, Children’s, Picture Book; Monsters, Bedtime, Fear


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