King of the Cats: A Ghost Story by Joseph Jacobs – Retold by Paul Galdone

Review of King of the Cats: A Ghost Story by Joseph Jacobs – Retold by Paul Galdone

I find it hard to write much about this short children’s picture book. The cover flap has this to say.kingcats

“Oh, I’ve had such an adventure,” the gravedigger said to is wife and their cat, Old Tom.

He had been digging a grave that evening when he looked up and saw nine black cats coming toward him. The cats were carrying a coffin with a small coronet of gold on top, and at every third step they all cried together, “Miaow.”

“Miaow,” said Old Tom.

“Yes, just like that,” said the gravedigger.

Overall, I felt this story was missing something, the surprise ending (one is mentioned on the cover flap so not a spoiler) left me unmoved. A few more pages could have been added to round out the ending. The illustrations are a nice wonderful addition, and they showcase what Paul Galdone was best known for.  He was best known as an illustrator, one such example is the Basil of Baker Street series by Eve Titus, which was adapted into the Disney movie, The Great Mouse Detective in 1986.

Title: King of the Cats: A Ghost Story by Joseph Jacobs
Author: Joseph Jacobs, retold by Paul Galdone
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Books (1980)
Source: Public Library
Format Read: Hardback
Genres/Subjects: Fiction, Children’s, Picture Books, Ghost Stories


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