Stig of the Dump by Clive King


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Review of Stig of the Dump by Clive King

This book centers of 8-year old Barney on his visits to his grandmother’s house. Barney’s adventures begin when he visits the old chalk pit new his  grandmothers. The pit is now a junk yard and he is constantly told to stay away from the edges of the pit as they are not stable. Naturally, this is the beginning of the adventures when he falls through an opening in the ground that forms where he is standing.

The unusual is met at the bottom of his descent, he not only finds himself in a cave, but this cave is inhabited. The inhabitant is what one would typically refer to as a cave man, he grunts, wears rabbit skin clothes and is rather shaggy looking. As Barney learns to communicate with his new friend, Stig as he decides to call him, his adventures take him about the chalk pit and surrounding areas where things range from common boyhood pranks to the wild craziness of a fox hunt. He even has a few adventures that include his younger sister that are sure to bring joy to a young child reading the book.

At the start I had hoped to find the charm and adventure found in reading E. Nesbit’s books, like Five Children and It, but I felt this fell short of that mark. This still would make a nice chapter book for a new reader that likes a little bit of adventure.

Title: Stig of the Dump
Author: Clive King
Publisher: Penguin Books (2010)
Source: Public Library
Format Read: Paperback
Genres/Subjects: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy


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