Trees of Reverie July 2015 Wrap-Up

ladyslifeWow, the week came and went. I do want to thank Sarah for all the hard work she puts into hosting her read-a-thons and hope she continues them. I know she was a bit disappointed by the lack of participation this go around. I have heard from so many readers that they have been in a slump lately, something odd must be in the air.

Here is the little bit of reading I was able to complete during the week. Not for lack of trying, one night I was trying to read and was drifting off to be awakened by spilling the tea in my hand into my lap! Not pleasant, but a definite clue that I must go to bed.

A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. Bird – Public Library Paperback
– [for Goodreads Dead Writers Society ~  Group Quarterly Travel Theme]

  • Intro xiii – xxi
  • Letter I – III

Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Timothy Snyder – Received ARC* from NetGalley – release set for Sept. 8, 2015
– [Personal reading choice]

  • Prologue & Introduction
  • Chapter 1

The Young Elites by Marie Lu – Public Library eBook
– [for Goodreads Reading Addicts Group ~ Young Adult Book of the Month for July]

  • 13% of book

All three of these books held my interest, for very different reasons. Prepare to be mesmerized By Ms. Birds descriptions of the wilderness.

A strictly North American beauty – snow-splotched mountains, huge pines, red-woods, sugar pines, silver spruce; a crystalline atmosphere, waves of the richest color; and a pine-hung lake which mirrors all beauty on its surface. Lake Tahoe is before me, a sheet of water twenty-two miles long by ten broad, and in some places 1,700 feet deep. It lies at a height of 6,000 feet, and the snow-crowned summits which wall it in are from 8,000 to 11,000 feet in altitude. The air is keen and elastic. There is no sound but the distant and slightly musical ring of the lumberer’s axe. (pg 3, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains)

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