2015 Goodreads Year in Books

Well, 2015 came and went in a whirl wind and my reading aspirations didn’t follow the wind but got stuck in the mud along the way. According to Goodreads I managed to only complete 57 books in 2015.


I started a great deal more, but we won’t dwell on that too much. New year to tackle more books. I have been extremely negligent with my blog as well, so I am hoping to do a little resurrecting this year and get back to blogging and writing reviews! I have so many publishers to apologize to for being gracious with providing me ARC’s but my reading life wasn’t cooperative. Some of the books I have finish and not written a formal review for, others still need read. I will get to them, as I truly wanted to read all the ones I requested. For the most part they all were approved in a wave and I just got overwhelmed and was unable to concentrate. I’m not going to join a ton of challenges and project this year, only to flounder again. I have plans, I have challenges/projects but I’m not going to strive to finish all of them now, I’m just a mortal human with boundaries. I wish I was able to curl up with a book all day, every day and read the days away, however, I’m not independently wealthy.

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  1. Hey, you read 7 more books than I did! I hope we both have a better reading year than the last one. Most of the year I was frustrated by the lack of reading that I did. I’ve tried to keep my challenges manageable this year so we’ll see how I make out. I keep thinking that anything has to be better than last year but it’s a dangerous thought!

    Happy reading in 2016!

  2. Plethora says:

    My thoughts as well, has to be better! I feel like I definitely neglected you this year, we didn’t do any buddy reading.

  3. amanda says:

    I’d really like to do better with both my reading and blogging this year, too. (I only managed to finish a pitiful 19! I used to read that in a summer.) Best wishes for all your plans and hopes in 2016!

  4. Plethora says:

    It must have been something in the air, so many have said it was an off year for them. I have to remind myself that you moved your Children’s Lit month from January for this year.

  5. I know! Life just keeps on getting in the way, doesn’t it? I keep meaning to message you and ask you about life. Perhaps we should do a children’s novel read-along. That might be manageable!

  6. Plethora says:

    Now need to figure out why my comments are set to indent when replying to a message, but isn’t working. Always something.

    Yes, children’s reads are always easy to squeeze in. Now to pick something. You left me in the dust for The Moonstone and finished before this month even started. LOL.

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