Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

1930907 Review of Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

Portia can’t wait to get to her cousin Julian’s for the summer. She spends every summer enjoying the country with him, just being kids. This summer has a different magic it to as they find the hidden treasures of Gone-Away Lake. Exploring the woods, they stumble upon an area filled with old run-down houses, thinking there is no way anybody can be living here they are shocked to discover two elderly people. The kids learn about the history of the area from the elderly brother and sister that couldn’t bear to leave the Gone-Away Lake area.

Maybe I’m sappy, but I really enjoy these older childhood tales that just allow kids to enjoy childhood and don’t have them growing up too fast. Here they have time to stop and smell the flowers and let the summer days carry them along with its very own adventures. Whether it be the sounds of bullfrogs after a hard summer rain or enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, it seems like life doesn’t stop to allow us time to enjoy these things anymore. I adored the brother and sister they found at the lake, they would make anybody jealous to have them as part of their family. The book has it all, a touch of mystery, adventure and danger as summer vacation ticks away.

brace face

Illustration by Beth and Joe Krush from page 18 of edition read

“What have you got in your mouth?” was the first thing Julian said to Portia.

“Tooth braces,” she told him, stretching the sides of her mouth to give him a better view.

“Holy cat! When you smile, it looks just like the front of a Buick!” Julian said. (pp 19)

This was a Newbery Honor winner in 1958 and won the 1970 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Enright (1909-1968) was born in Oak Park, Illinois, but spent most of her life in or near New York City. Her mother was a magazine illustrator, while her father was a political cartoonist. Illustration was Enright’s original career choice and she studied art in Greenwich, Connecticut; Paris, France; and the Parson’s School of Design in New York City. After creating her first book in 1937, she developed a taste, and quickly demonstrated a talent, for writing. (Courtesy of Macmillan)

Andersen’s other works include:

The Saturdays First in the Melendy Family series, this one follows the four children as they take turns coming up with ways to spend their pooled allowances.

Thimble Summer – 1939 Newbery Medal winner, does the silver thimble Garnet finds have the magical powers she hopes it does?

Misc. Review Details:

Title: Gone-Away Lake
Author: Elizabeth Enright
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc. (1985)
ISBN: 9780590409049
Source: Public Library
Format Read: Paperback
Genres/Subjects: Fiction, Juvenile, Summer Vacation


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  1. amanda says:

    Oh, this sounds delightful! I’d not heard of it, or the author before, but it sounds like a perfect summer read. Sometimes I get nostalgic for slow summer days–it seems like they don’t make them anymore…

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