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bookstack1Who am I?

Plethora is a mystery woman hiding behind a stack of books or her Paperwhite screen. She is someone who loves to read, yet can never can find enough time to read everything my heart desires in a given month. My favorite reads are history, yes, may sound boring to some, spending my days in non-fiction land. If one stops and thinks, though, history is filled with many, if not all the other genres. I have been trying to catch-up on all the classics I missed earlier in life and will find escape from the non-fiction books in fun books aimed at the middle-high school age set among other things. I try not to exclude too many books from my simply not interested in cracking this book open at all, as hidden gems can be found in the most unlikely places. As you can probably tell from my Current News page, I like to challenge myself to expand my reading and have filled the right side with bars for tracking these projects.

The stack to the left here, that is what I find myself surrounded in on all sides and that doesn’t even include all the Kindle versions I am trying to juggle at any given time. I firmly believe one cannot surround themselves with too many books, be it ones they own, borrow or have virtually.

Aside from the obvious love of reading, I enjoy time with family and am even known to play Star Wars The Old Republic to clear the mind. All these challenges for myself have limited myself to almost no TV watching, so I spend the days working, homeschooling a high schooler and trying to sneak in more and more minutes of reading. I am still trying to figure out how to find time to keep my blog post coming at a frequent pace, as writing is does not come easy so I will think, rewrite and second guess myself a million times before I will post something.


What is my review policy?

Reviews are solely my opinion of the book read. The source of the book does not weigh-in on this, so whether I received an ARC, a copy from the library or I own the book you will get the same answer. The amount of tea cups shown at the bottom of my reviews will allow those that are seeking a 1-5 star rating system to gauge my enthusiasm for a book. I do not rate books against one another, I expect a different experience from the various types of books I am reading. I tend to get wrapped up in the book I am reading, which is the purpose right, so it almost always seems like my current read is top-notch. I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend most of my time reading books I have an interest in reading so I haven’t had to dish out too many low ratings, keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t stumble upon too many 1-2 tea cup books!

In general terms:
5-tea cups: I love, love, loved the book and think the vast majority of my close reading friends will as well.
4-tea cups: I love the book, but not as sure I could recommend to all my friends as openly.
3-tea cups: This is a good solid book, I didn’t love it or hate it.
2-tea cups: Wasn’t what I had hoped for, lukewarm to the experience.
1-tea cup: Was clearly not my cup of tea.

Are you an author, agent, or publicist?

I do read ARC’s, but am selective to ones that I request on Edelweiss and try to be mindful of the publication dates so I can have time to read and review prior to release date. Or as close togr_pic release date as possible.

You can contact me via email if you have a specific question or request.

Are you another blogger, reader or lurker?

You have a comment, suggestion or complaint to share with me. Leave a comment on a blog post, email me, or drop me a tweet @PlethoraBooks. You can also follow me on bloglovin‘.



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